Chocolate Bars with Mini Eggs and Gold Leaf

Chocolate bars with goldFor the last couple of weeks I’ve been away in Holland working at an art fair. This is not your average village fair – if you happened to have million quid to burn you could happily spend it in the first ten minutes and not get any change. The jewellery is something from out of this world. There are diamond rings so big that I wondered how one would ever be able to lift a hand. Unfortunately, this is not a problem I am faced with. As a lowly Gallery Manager the only thing I was able to afford was the fair catalogue. Upon my return and with all the sparkle from the fair still very much on my mind, I found an affordable equivalent. For the pricey sum of £4 I bought gold, edible gold. You only get two little sheets per pack, but it made me feel gloriously decadent.

With Easter on the horizon these golden, mini egg bars make a fun alternative to the traditional shop bought easter eggs. The edible gold sticks to anything so make sure you have dry hands. IPouring Chocolate used tweezers (make sure you sterilise them first) to tear off the gold and place on top of the chocolate.

Adapted from Good Food Magazine.

Makes 4-5 bags

  • 300g good quality milk chocolate, chopped into pieces
  • 2 x 90g bags of mini eggs (lightly bashed)
  • 1 pack of edible gold (I bought mine from Waitrose)

1 lightly greased and lined baking tray with parchment (23 x 33cm)


  1. First you need to temper the chocolate which will result in glossy, shiny chocolate: Slowly melt 3/4 of the chocolate over a simmering pan of water. Check the temperature with a thermometer. When it reaches  45C- 50C  remove the chocolate from the bain-marie. Add the remaining finely chopped quarter of the chocolate into the melted chocolate, stirring constantly until the chocolate reaches  27C-28C.
  2. Pour into the prepared tin, tipping it from side to side until it is level and has reached the sides. Scatter over the crushed mini eggs. Using a pair of tweezers tear off little pieces of edible gold and place onto the chocolate.
  3. Leave until set and then break up and put into gift bags.

Directions for use: Embrace your inner bling.

Chopped up chocolate


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