A Step by Step Guide to Edible Champagne Bliss

Having decided to take some time off before embarking on a new job I felt I should do something creative and worthwhile. My attention obviously turned to food. Before I knew it I was fulfilling a lifelong dream and taking a cake decoration course. From wedding towers and edible flowers to creative bakes and cupcakes my artistic aspirations were truly widened. One particular favourite was the champagne cake. Below is a visual guide of how to achieve it:  a cake so good it’s almost a shame to eat it::

1. Cut template


2. Shape, stack, fill, crumb


3.  Cover with icing


4. Create foil


5. Paint foil gold and cut out a ‘ribbon’


6. Crest it up


7. Using a tapit (a kind of stencil) create the words Moët


8. Using specialist edible paper and ink print the champagne label, glue and stick


9. Cover the board in icing. Create a cork out of icing and glue in place. Roll small white balls out of white icing for the bubbles and cover in edible glitter


10. Et Voilá


Directions for use: Stand back, admire, give yourself a pat on the back and crack open the bubbly


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